Collins GCSE Science 2011: Science Student Book: OCR 21st Century Science

This student book provides material to teach and prepare students for OCR 21st Century 2011 Science GCSE with complete coverage of the specification modules B1, B2, B3,C1, C2, C3, and P1, P2, P3 which make up the core Science GCSE and the first parts of the three separate science GCSEs. This book will provide you with complete coverage of the new OCR 21st Century Science specification: - Plan and teach low-ability and high-achieving students with differentiated student book content laid out in clear, bitesize sections - Engage your students with content that is presented in a clear and fresh way - Establish and build on prior knowledge with a quick recap of KS3 and a direct link to the GCSE content that will follow at the start of each module - Build and apply the skills needed to understand and carry out controlled assessment - Show the relationship between module content to paint the bigger picture with the summary chart at the end of each module - Encourage students take responsibility for what they have learnt and need to develop by using the student-friendly module checklist that matches the specification - Help students improve to a higher grade with worked examples with explanations of how to improve and exam-style practise questions -This student book links to other components in Collins' OCR GCSE Sciences series as well as to other Collins GCSE Science resources - Capture the interest of students with activities exploring science in the media based on Bad Science by Ben Goldacre