Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools: Step by Step

Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools offers step-by-step instructions for a hands-on learning experience for children in grades 2-5 who are doing science fair projects. Curiosity Bug, a friendly companion, guides the student through every step of a science fair project: finding and researching a topic, developing a controlled experiment, making graphs, and designing a display. Curiosity Bug's sample project provides the child with a detailed example, and worksheets allow the child to work comfortably with his or her own data. Subsequent chapters include two sample projects in each field of science (animals and insects, plants, chemistry, the environment, and microscopes). These are perfect starter projects presented in cookbook style with complete instructions and resources. The child can choose one, follow the procedures given, and plug in his or her data and results. Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools also provides examples of graphs, ideas for display, and opportunities for further research. Each chapter also includes ten other project ideas and a list of related children's books. A final section provides parents, teachers, and librarians with sample letters, forms, and layouts to facilitate setting up a science fair. This book is sure to spark any student's interest in the intriguing, absorbing world of science.