Schools for the Twenty First Century: Developing Best Practice

School Improvement is seen as the key to raising standards and achievement. Very often school improvement means implementing government policy. Every school wants to continue to raise standards of literacy and numeracy, yet many recognise that they must do more than concentrate directly on tests and examinations if they are to continue to enhance educational opportunities for all. Schools for the 21st Century offers a collection of 11 case studies of school-based reform which provide both a discussion of the broad issues involved in reconceptualising schools for the future and specific innovations that have changed the concept of best practice. Written by a variety of contributors from the Secondary Heads Association (SHA), each example focuses on a particular innovation such as: * School leadership * School improvement * Restructuring around learning * Quality and achievement * Creative arts in schools * Literature and emotional intelligence * Social inclusion. Relevant to secondary schools, this practical book will be welcomed by all head teachers, deputy head teachers, middle managers and education management students.