School Dazed: Making the Grade, Living the Faith: Leader's Book

Tested with churches across the United States, this new undated curriculum received high marks from users for layout, ease of planning and teaching, clear life application message, and youth enjoyment. The series will include sixteen topical studies for grades 6-8. Each book has 7 sessions with new studies released each quarter. Each quarter, one release focuses on a life issue and the other release focuses on a faith issue. The highly graphic, slimline Student Book provides youth with helpful information about the topic, questions related to the session and their lives, practical help for next steps, a key Scripture or important quotation, and a challenge for the week. The Leader Guide includes step-by-step plans for seven sessions, plus a retreat model, a worship service, and a field trip or service project. Sessions include: Clubs: Where Do I Belong? Not Pictured: Who's Left Out? Honors: Making the Grade Activities: Too Much to Do- Athletics: And the Winner Is- Favorites: Where's Your Spirit?- Ads and Autographs: But Everybody Else Is