Discover Savannah, Georgia, a genuine Southern Belle and the latest title from the best-selling Then and Now series. Savannah Then and Now takes readers to some of the most remarkable sites in the city. Side-by-side images of the past and present show how much Savannah has changed since it was first planned by Englishman James Oglethorpe in 1733. Savannah has a grid design centered around open squares. Originally, the city expanded around just four squares; today there are 21 squares, each with a personality of its own. During the Civil War, many Southern cities were burned to the ground. However, because Savannah surrendered to the Union, its Antebellum architectural legacy was preserved. Today, millions flock there to enjoy the historic buildings and famed Southern hospitality. Visit Savannah's Historic District, now a National Historic Landmark. Photographs capture the rich architectural history of the city and show the people's dedication to preserving their heritage.