San Carlos

It is 1989 and under the searing heat of the Ibizan sun two people look for answers amongst the throng of the island's holiday-makers. Over the course of a week the lives of these two strangers are pulled together with explosive consequences. Craig Turner is a body-building a former British fascist living under a Witness Protection Scheme. After providing key evidence to dismantle a facist movement that threatened to swamp the nort of England, he is hiding in Peterborough with a new name and a dying relationship. A holiday in Ibiza offers the possibility of a brief escape. Vicuska is a beautiful Hungarian working in a hotel bar at night and spending her days scouring the island following in the hope of finding an ageing German who looms large over her family's history. Together, Vicuska and Turner form a delicate and surprisingly tender alliance. They search together for the man Vicuska has pursued across Europe, but as the net draws in, Craig's past catches up with them both. Gripping and moving in equal parts, San Carlos is an exciting new novel that packs a tremendous punch.