Samuel Beckett: Works for Radio - The Original Broadcasts

Samuel Beckett was one of the most original and influential writers and dramatists of the twentieth century, and a writer with an exceptional concern for the subtleties of sound and rhythm. Yet the works created by Beckett for radio broadcast by the BBC are relatively unknown to the general public. This is in part because they have not been easily accessible. Re-broadcasts aside, the original BBC recordings could be heard only at the British Library Sound Archive in London. Now, in the centenary year of the writer's birth, these historic broadcasts are made commercially available for the first time. This four-CD set spans the period 1957-1976 and collects the five works created by Beckett expressly for the broadcast medium: All That Fall , Embers , Words and Music , Cascando and Rough for Radio , plus the rarely heard curio, The Old Tune (Beckett's translation of Robert Pinget's La Manivelle ), and the monologue, From an Abandoned Work , which, at the time of its transmission, was unpublished in Britain.