Same Homework, New Plan: How to Help Your Disorganized Kid Sit Down and Get it Done

Do you dread the nightly homework wars? Is a student in your home underachieving academically because the homework is just not getting done? Whether the problem is a homework power struggle, ADHD, unidentified giftedness, or something else, Sally Hoyle offers easy-to-follow steps that will decrease homework meltdowns and help kids achieve their academic potential as independent learners. With 19 years of experience as a practising psychologist and mother, this book will show you how to:* Establish a homework routine that is tailored to your child's learning style and your family's needs.* Help your child manage and overcome organizational problems.* Make teachers your allies.* Use a combination of inexpensive office supplies, hightech solutions, and easy activities to make homework go more smoothly.* Implement your own organizational strategies.* Boost your child's self-confidence. Same Homework, New Plan is an indispensable tool for any family with school-age children.