Salsa is Hot, The, Dialogs and Stories Workbook

Paperback / softback
This popular three-level reading series is designed for beginning through low-intermediate students. It features high-interest dialogues and stories about ordinary people from around the world (some famous) with whom the students can identify. Students can identify with the hopes, dreams, and fears of these real people, and will enjoy reading and discussing these stories and dialogues as they relate their own experiences to the class.Each book features: -- Relevant story topics that relate to student's lives. -- Pre-reading and follow-up questions to check students comprehension and generate classroom conversation. -- Word banks that precede each dialog and story to build basic vocabulary. -- A cassette(s) that includes all the dialogues and stories from the text.This newest young adult reader features 33 dialogues and 8 stories about events in the lives of newcomers to the United States -- ordinary people and famous people -- their joys and struggles, their hopes and fears, their light moments and serious ones. -- Pre-reading questions activate students' prior knowledge on the topic. -- High-interest topics maintain student interest. -- Word previews and vocabulary building activities provide meaning in context. -- Reading skills are developed through individual and pair work activities. -- Role playing and discussion activities offer opportunities to increase fluency in English. -- A Workbook provides additional practice in building vocabulary and reading skills. -- An audio program includes dialogues and stories from the text.