Russian Legal Biography: v. 1

An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of biographical sketches of Russian jurists comprising, in Series 1, individuals now deceased who have made a noteworthy contribution to the development of Russian legal doctrine, education, practice, or law reform, and, in the case of Series 2, are presently meeting the same criteria. For the purposes of this publication a 'Russian jurist' is a natural person who was born within the frontiers of the Russian Empire, Soviet Union, or Russian Federation, or was born abroad of Russian parentage, or who holds a degree in law from a Russian university, or who has held an academic appointment at a Russian institution of higher education, or who has been elected to an Academy of Sciences within the former Russian Empire, former Soviet Union, and Russian Federation or other member country of the Commonwealth of Independent States. With respect to Series 2, such individuals will, as a rule, hold a least the degree of magister of law. The volumes for each series will first appear as bound fascicles. When the project is completed, the entries in the fascicles will be integrated, updated, and otherwise subjected to further editing as necessary and the entire collection issued as an integrated unit. The present volume opens what would be styled in Russia an encyclopaedic dictionary. The educated foreigner is reasonably well acquainted with distinguished Russian Writers, composers, poets, artists, and performers. The achievements of Russian Jurists are altogether another matter and hardly known outside Russia. This publication hopes to make available the full range of achievements of Russian legal scholars and their collective contribution to the science of law.