Russia and the International Legal System: A Bibliography of Writings by Russian Jurists on Public and Private International Law to 1917 with References to Publications in Emigration

This Bibliography, the most comprehensive attempted for the pre-revolutionary period of Russian international legal history, contains more than 3500 entries. Its origins lie in the author's efforts during the past quarter century to bring this largely unknown and uncharted body of material to the world of Russian and western international legal scholarship. Organized by author or title and thoroughly indexed by name, geographic location, and subject, with brief annotations where needed and references for authors to book reviews and personalia. English translations are provided for titles in Cyrillic. Locations are given for monographs, treaty collections, and texts. Although the Bibliography is intended for the historian of public and private international law and diplomacy, the general historian of Russia, the specialist in international relations, the Russian legal historian, and the comparative lawyer will find much of interest here, as will those interested in the history of the book or of publishing in Russia.