Rule Chemo Like a Princess****

When women are diagnosed with cancer, their doctors may answer all the medical questions, but they are still left with the most burning question of all: What will my life be like as I go on this journey? Will I still be me? Chemotherapy has its own realities, and no one knows better how to manage it than women who have come through it. Cookie Aftergut was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, and at first she felt like a victim, lost in an unknown land. When her doctors tried to give her information, they just scared her more. She found her own way through chemotherapy, a path that relied heavily on maintaining her distinct sense of style and personality. Today she considers herself not a survivor, but a thriver. She is the founder of the non-profit organization Chemoflage in Atlanta that offers women the support they need to preserve their sense of self and gracefully manage the logistics as they endure the chemotherapy that can save their lives. She has teamed up with Denise Hazen to provide a handbook for women of all ages facing chemotherapy for any reason. With information including what to expect, dealing with hair loss, nutrition, ways to avoid secondary infections, inspiration, sexuality and much more, these two women offer women everywhere the support that they provide the women they counsel. Chemotherapy is a journey that no one should ever take alone or unprepared, and Chemoflage provides women with the information and support they need to begin to face it.