Rude Awakening

Ever had one of those moments when everything that you accept as normal suddenly seems totally insane? TODAY, is like any other mind-numbingly boring, soul-destroying day at the office. That is, except for Pamela Hoare, Charlie Cockburn, and that weird junior accountant no-one has noticed before. Slutty secretary Pamela is about to put the finishing touches to her plan to blackmail her sexually repressed boss, Mr Rupen Patel, and make him her bitch. Charlie, coked-up, hung-over and horny as hell, realises how close he is to losing his job and decides to tell Mr Patel to stick it up his arse. AND THEN there is that junior accountant - just so you know, his name is Lucas Swink - who today will blow up a window and leap out of the office block in an attempt to awaken the masses. Hoare, Cockburn and Swink are some of the desperate souls in this breakthrough debut novel that takes an unflinching look at London's cubicle-driven society. Rude Awakening scratches away at the window of your perceptions and reveals that everyone, from businessmen to barmaids, wants more but doesn't know how to get it. The book has been inspired by Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting and will appeal to male fans of contemporary fiction and the FHM generation, whilst offering women a peep hole into the contemporary male psyche.