RSC Periodic Table Wallchart

The periodic table from the Royal Society of Chemistry has been updated for 2013. Our new periodic table poster is two-sided. On one side, a Visual Elements version, with fascinating element artwork by Murray Robertson based on scientific data provided by the chemist and science writer John Emsley; on the other, a bold colour-coded version, emphasising readability and clarity. A collaborative project between the artist and the Royal Society of Chemistry, this highly visual periodical table presents an interpretation of the manner in which the elements affect our daily lives, often in unseen and unexpected ways. Printed in full colour, the wallchart measures 2A0 (1682 x 1189 mm, 66.2 x 46.8 inches). Information for each element includes the name, chemical symbol, atomic number, and relative atomic mass. The groups are readily identifiable by colour, and the wallchart has been updated to include elements 110,111,112,114, and 116. We've designed the wallchart to be readable, visually engaging, and an excellent addition to any classroom, laboratory, or office. Price shown does not include VAT. A0 version is also available and can be found here: asp