Rock Your Stars: Your Astrological Guide to Getting It All

Paperback / softback
Rock your stars. Rule your world.That's Holiday Mathis's philosophy. Learn how to work the stars above, she declares, and you can get everything you want out of life right here on earth. In the lively and intelligent Rock Your Stars , syndicated columnist and rock'n roll astrologer Holiday Mathis offers a modern manual to making every life decision, whether it's what to wear, who to love, which career ladder to climb, what colour to paint the bedroom, or how to find the right exercise plan,all by using astrology as a practical guide. Holiday tells it straight, showing women how to use astrology as a handy tool for self-analysis and daily contentment. Some people write down their dreams, some do yoga, some talk to therapists, she says. My way is to look up and start a conversation with the stars. Unlike traditional astrology books that focus only on the typical characteristics and personalities of astrological signs, Holiday focuses on day-to-day, real-life issues,romance, sex, money, family, friendship, health, style, home. Complete with Q&A's with readers, astrological analyses of trends, and insightful profiles of public personalities, Rock Your Stars is truly a must-have guide to getting it all.