Robots: From Everyday to Out of This World

Paperback / softback
The word ?robot? may remind us of science fiction, but robots today are a science fact. Their role in our lives is growing all the time. The authors of the acclaimed and bestselling Fantastic Feats and Failures and Science Detectives present a detailed look at robots yesterday, today and in the future.

See robots at work (and play) in homes, factories, wrestling rings, sewers, hospitals, oceans and outer space. Learn about their many different shapes, sizes and uses and meet robots who do dangerous and dirty jobs, help perform surgery, look like us, show emotion like us and much more.

Did you know?

? In the 1700s, a Swiss craftsman and his son built a mechanical boy who could write short messages
? Robo soccer is the most popular robotic sport
? Robopets can purr, sleep, play games and even tell jokes
? The Amphibot can swim by snaking its body back and forth, then hit the shore and start walking
? The humanlike robot ASIMO can balance on one foot while kicking a soccer ball