Robot: Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics and the Machine

Robotics and Contemporary Culture examines the role of robots and robotics in today's contemporary culture. This richly illustrated books draws together the works of artists, designers, writers and scientists to present a varied tableaux explaining the most fascinating elements of robotics and cybernetics from the genesis of the word 'robot' and the dawn of the humanoid in science fiction, to present day, where robots play a vital part in industry and manufacture, and beyond. A timeline presents the chronology of significant developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, elucidated by excerpts of significant scientific and science fiction texts. Featuring reprinted texts by prominent robotic engineers, science fiction authors and scientists Robotics and Contemporary Culture provides a valuable commentary for anyone interested in science fiction, science, gadgets, bionics and technology and its influence on broader popular culture. Artworks discussed include those by Nathaniel Mellors, and important science fiction writers such as Isaac Asimov. Films such as Metropolis, Star Wars and Spike Jonze's Her are also discussed. Robotics was conceived as a utopian fiction, beyond the technologies available at the time. As robots continue to play an increasing role in our world, this book examines whether the technology developing out of the dream lives up to utopian expectations.