Robin Hood: A Cinematic History of the English Outlaw and His Scottish Counterparts

From Errol Flynn to Kevin Costner to Daffy Duck, the bandit of Sherwood Forest has gone through a variety of incarnations on the way to becoming a cinematic staple. The historic Robin Hood - actually an amalgam of several outlaws of medieval England - was continually transformed by oral tradition to become the romantic and deadly archer-swordsman who robbed from the rich to give to the poor. This image was reinforced by popular literature, song and, in the 20th century, cinema.This volume provides in-depth information on each film based on the immortal hero. In addition, other historical figures such as Scottish rebel-outlaws Rob Roy MacGregor and William Wallace are examined. Nollen also explores nontraditional representations of the legend, such as Frank Sinatra's Robin and the Seven Hoods and Westerns featuring the Robin Hood motif. A filmography is provided, including production information, and the text is highlighted by rare photographs, advertisements, and illustrations.