Road Map of China's Rise

The growth of China's economy in recent years has been extraordinary, and there has been a corresponding rise in China's status in the world, and in China's international political position. Angang Hu is one of the leading thinkers in China on how China's strategy for growth should develop going forward, and his views on this provide important clues as to how the Chinese leadership is thinking and how policy and strategy will progress. In this book, translated from Chinese, Angang Hu surveys the factors which have contributed to China's rise so far, and assesses China's strengths and weaknesses in the key areas which will affect China's rise going forward. The book is particularly interesting in that it takes a long term view of China's economic development over several centuries, makes insightful comparisons with the rise (and fall) of other world powers including Britain, Germany, Japan and the United States, and assesses just how far any leading world power can dominate the world economy and world politics.