Risk and Allure

Artists take risks because they often bet on what is unusual and awkward or deal with allure in ways that might seem wilful. This approach lends art and producing art a peculiar ambivalence. Art means attraction and repulsion, looks promising yet at the same time is risky. Art enjoys being provocative, challenging, pushing back the boundaries, exposing itself and others to danger; still it is beautiful and tempting. It promises success but is closer to failure than one might think. Two sides of the coin, just as they are encountered in sport, in business, in politics, indeed throughout life. This publication discusses the ambivalence of both form and content, drawing on objects by young artists. All sorts of 'charm strategies' and forms of 'high-risk ventures' emerge on the continuum between pleasing, disturbing and provoking. The artists include: Jacqueline Benz (CH), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Matt Calderwood (UK), Teresa Chen (CH), Frederik Foert (G), Yanick Fournier (CH), Fabrice Gygi (CH), Bernhard Huwiler (CH), Nicole Kaesti (CH), Andreas Kohler (D), Monika Oeschsler (UK), Nadin Rufenacht (CH), Judith Schonenberger (CH), Ene-Liis Semper (Estland), Patricia Waller (D), and, David Willen (CH). The text is in English and German.