Right and Wrong in Islam

What is Muslim ethics? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand the complex history of Islam and the way morality has changed and evolved in different contexts. These changes have been inspired by a variety of modes of thinking about truth, good and evil and has had a profound effect on the understanding of Muslim ethics today. This introductory text examines these changes and influences, drawing on examples from a variety of contemporary Muslim ethical theories and practices, as well as history and tradition. Between Right and Wrong in Islam explores how the main traditions of Muslim ethics also interweave with the current and the diverse ways of modern living; considers how Muslim ethics undergoes transitions in conversations with other moral traditions - from the Judaeo-Christian legacies, secular and modern ethical traditions such as liberalism and Marxism, to neo-conservative messianism; examines contemporary debates that touch on the role of reason, tradition, modernity, gender, the culture wars, and politico-ethical conflicts; and proposes a general way of understanding Muslim ethics and offers some provocative suggestions for the future.