Ricardo Mazal

OD 1152 is the name of a tree in a primeval forest outside the small town of Michelstadt in the Odenwald region of Germany. It stands within a cemetery named Friedwald, where people's remains are interred in biodegradable urns beneath their chosen tree. After traveling to the Odenwald in 2007, Mazal became fascinated with this concept and conceived the Odenwald 1152 project. With Odenwald 1152, Ricardo Mazal continues to expand his exploration of the grand themes of life and death, transformation and regeneration. Mazal zeroes in on the realities of the forest and epitomizes its constituent forms and colors, providing us the potential to discover the new in the familiar. Merging contemporary digital technology with the visceral skills of a painter, Mazal has re-created the Friedwald in a deeply compelling manner that inspires us to reflect on these extraordinary burials.