Rheumatoid Arthritis FAQs

Rheumatoid Arthritis FAQs, part of the Geisinger Healthcare System FAQs series, is intended as a patient education tool for those afflicted with the joint inflammation, stiffness and pain that accompany rheumatoid arthritis. There are more than 100 types of arthritis and this book will help you and your doctor develop an effective treatment programme after diagnosis. The authors provide brief, focused answers to common questions raised by their patients-from how joints work, to how other organ systems can be affected by this autoimmune disease. The text offers discussions of the different methods of treating rheumatoid arthritis while discussing the everyday symptoms, tests and challenges that affect patients. The text includes a detailed discussion of available anti-inflammatory medications, their strengths and weaknesses. A gentle exercise regimen is outlined in detail. As with all titles in the FAQ series, this book works to educate patients and provide concise, current information for common ailments.