Revolution in Education

Posing that the problems of our educational system are a reflection of a much broader social crisis, this unique and thoughtful work offers a holistic approach to education. Exploring social reform through educational practices, the author argues for a new education paradigm in which the hub of the educational wheel is the individual human, instead of the individual laborer. In a world focused on technological and economic expansion, the educational system has become enmeshed in political and corporate mindset that has as its top priority the creation of wealth. de Assis proposes a re-organization of educational objectives to equitably and simultaneously develop the learner's intellect, emotions, and spirit. Upon this foundation he envisions knowledge as a source of expansion of the individual human experience rather than an intellectual tool with which to achieve materialistic goals. Administrators and teachers will want to delve into these ideas because they offer not only a cure for the ills of the education system, but also provide a beacon of hope to a world in chaos.