Return to Fitness: Getting Back in Shape After Injury, Illness, or Prolonged Inactivity

This is a guide to regaining health and fitness after illness, inactivity, or injury. Bill Katovsky was a two-time Hawaii Ironman finisher, a guy who cycled alone across the U.S., a swimmer from Alcatraz, a mountain biker who competed in a three-day race across Costa Rica. But through a series of misfortunes, including depression, death in his family, and health disasters, Katovsky went from being a multisport junkie to a feeble man who could barely walk 50 metres. By the time he reached his fiftieth birthday, he was on the mend and determined to reclaim his health and fight his way back to fitness. Return to Fitness chronicles Katovsky's long, slow climb back to health. However, it is also a practical template for anyone who's lost their way and is getting back on the road to health and wellness. With the advice of personal trainers, experts, and coaches who give advice and guidance, Katovsky offers a wealth of useful information, including sections on aging, body fat, nutrition, injuries, motivation, running, going to gym, and working with a personal trainer.