Restoring a House in the City

In A House in the City , design expert Ingrid Abramovitch explores how twenty-one classic and historic town houses, brownstones, and row houses were transformed from pieces of the past into magical places to live today. The book features a diverse group of home owners and designers who share tales of creativity and innovation in adapting these homes for modern urban living. Whether hunting for rare chandeliers and a custom carpet, salvaging floor boards for new tabletops. Or removing walls to let more light in, all the nuts and bolts of restoration are here. In Boston, a young family's renovation takes three years and includes every modern amenity imaginable (a media room, home gym, and elevator), but saves most of the original interiors (windows shutters and seats, and marble fireplaces). A Baltimore couple-both stars of the graphic design world must reconcile their cutting edge tastes with their traditional surroundings. Many of their choices are by the book (restoring old pine floors), while others are radical (a glass-and-steel carport that doubles as extra party space). From furniture and colour to rooftops and terraces, the real-life renovations in A House in the City offers a treasury of inspiration and ideas.