Research Progress in Nano and Intelligent Materials

Research Progress in Nano and Intelligent Materials presents a broad selection of chapters on leading-edge research from top international researchers on various applications of nano and intelligent materials. The collection of topics in this book aims to reflect the diversity of recent advances in nano and intelligent materials with a broad perspective that will be useful for scientists as well as for graduate students and engineers. Chapters present a range of research, from new methods to novel applications of existing methods to foster the understanding of the material and/or structural behavior of new and advanced systems. Topics include: * Updates on pan monofilament in nanoscale * The development of flexible electrode using inkjet printing of silver nanoparticles * Supreme EMI shielding using electroless plating of metallic nanoparticles on cotton fabric * Inkjet deposited circuit components * Reinforcing chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofiber scaffolds using * Single-walled carbon nanotube for neural tissue engineering * Wireless wearable ECG monitoring system * Conductive chitosan nanofiber * Progress in production of nanofiber web