Research Methodology: For Scientific Research

Research Methodology for Scientific Research provides an explanation of various philosophies of science and the scientific method. Every point is discussed in detail and a sequential development of the topic is adopted for maintaining fluency. Illustrations and examples are provided wherever necessary. The books is aimed at postgraduate students of science disciplines. Key features: An overview of the research process. Induction, deduction, positivism, falsificationism, anti-positivism, post-positivism, relativism, realism are discussed. Planning and designing of research, selection of a research problem, criteria of good research, sources of research ideas etc. Validity and reliability of research, artifacts and bias, managerialism and scientific research, leadership in research. Various components of scientific method, formation of hypotheses and its testing. Various data analysis methods, presentation of data and error analysis. Detailed information of the various types of literature, and the art of scientific writing. Various ethical issues in scientific research and guidelines for good research practice.