Research Companion to Ethical Behavior in Organizations: Constructs and Measures

Business ethics research and publications have proliferated in recent decades, coinciding with increased public interest in workplace ethical conduct. As studies of behavioral ethics extend across disciplines, scholars unknowingly worked in parallel, creating overlapping constructs and measures. Bringing clarity to the field, the Research Companion to Ethical Behavior in Organizations provides a central reference point for academics, human resource practitioners, and compliance officers interested in measuring the moral dimensions of individuals. With expert contributions, this book catalogs empirical work from management and social science disciplines, offering insights to the varied and nuanced constructs used in behavioral ethics. The authors describe and evaluate over 300 measures, including established surveys and new behavioral research techniques. Doctoral students and veteran management researchers will benefit from summaries of the latest ethics research tools and trends. Offering solutions for research challenges and suggesting new research streams and areas for fruitful study, this Companion enhances the burgeoning field of behavioral ethics.