Report of the Government of India/Government of Andhra Pradesh/FAO Workshop on Measures to Reduce Loss of Life During Cyclones

Series: FAO Fisheries Report (No. 622)
This is the proceedings and a report of a workshop held 4 - 6 March 1999. The workshop was organised by the Government of India in co-operation with the Office of the Food and Agriculture (FAO) Representative for India and the FAO Fisheries Industry Division (FII). The workshop analysed the events of the 6 and 7 of November 1996 when a severe cyclone caused a large loss of life on the east coast of India and addressed the issues of cyclone forecasting and dissemination, awareness programmes for disaster preparedness, gender concerns with regard to disaster preparedness and management, search and rescue operations, the use of radiotransceivers at sea and on land for cyclone warnings, improvements of mechanised fishing vessels and their equipment. Four sets of recommendations were made by working groups covering these areas.