Repertorium Van De Documenten in Het Archief Monseigneur Willy Onclin: Tweede Vaticaans Concilie En Pauselijke Commissie Voor De Herziening Van Het Wetboek Van Canoniek Recht

This inventory in Dutch contains a description of the records which Msgr. Willy Onclin (1905-1989), professor of Canon Law in Louvain, has left behind from 1960 till 1986. This book consists of two parts. A first part concerns the activities of W. Onclin as peritus to the Second Vatican Council, especially regarding the decrees Christus Dominus, Presbyterorum ordinis and Optatam totius, the dogmatic constitution Lumen gentium and the declaration Gravissimum educationis. The greater second part draws up an inventory of the documents which W. Onclin gathered in his function as assistant-secretary of the Papal Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law. It is devided following the chapters of the new Code of 1983. In this commission W. Onclin was very active concerning the Lex Ecclesiae Fundamentalis, the canons of Book I or General Norms, of Book II or People of God and the canons on the sacraments. By taking this book in the series Novum Commentarium Lovaniense in Codicem Iuris Canonici we want to draw attention to and stimulate the research of the wording of the Code of Canon Law of 1983. This repertory gives namely a survey of the many varied sources, gathered by a world-famous canon lawyer of Louvain, which can be useful for a correct interpretation of the editorial history of the new Code.