Baseball...a small town...the Detroit Tigers of the 1950s...the dreams of a young man. Each night, this boy tunes into the radio broadcasts of the Detroit Tigers. His hero is Reno Bertoia, the Tigers third baseman. Reno Bertoia leads the American League in hitting and the question is -- can he keep ahead of the legendary batting champion, Ted Williams? The boy begins to write letters, numerous letters, to Reno Bertoia hoping to receive a much-coveted autographed picture of his hero. But he does more! He also changes his name to 'Reno'. When not listening to Detroit Tigers baseball, the young 'Reno' finds other radio stations to tune into and starts writing more letters to movie stars, writers, evangelists and even politicians in both Canada and the United States. The young man is confined to live in an attic, in a town in Northern Ontario. He has polio. And, over time, his confined living space becomes an extraordinary celebrity gallery, full of black and white photographs of the people with whom he has corresponded.