Remember Me?

Much of Jared Silvan's life is a lie. Neither his fairy father nor his human twin are dead and, his human mother, Amelia Silvan, isn't an unfortunate widow left with a son to raise. In fact, she ran off with Jared shortly after his birth, expecting her estranged husband, Ageon Silvan, to find them quickly. Then his dying mother asks Jared to right the wrong she committed years ago; to go to Miami to give a letter to an unknown man, whom Jared will somehow recognize the moment they meet. Jared, knowing the task is hopeless, agrees to try for his mother's sake. In the meantime, Zarrad Silvan is hoping to marry his girlfriend, Nona, get his own business going, and get on with his ordinary life - if life doesn't throw him any curves. Up against the manipulations of Amelia Silvan, it's going to take all the magic, love, luck, and tenacity of both separated brothers to sort this puzzle out.Rebecca Lickiss began telling stories at an early age. She finally decided to write them down for publication, since it was better than cleaning house again.