Remaking Governance: Peoples, Politics and the Public Sphere

This book highlights the dynamics of the social, cultural and institutional practices involved in 'remaking' governance. It is structured around three key themes: the remaking of peoples, publics and politics. Remaking Governance focuses on the dynamics of change as new strategies - active citizenship, public participation, partnership working and democratic renewal - encounter existing institutions. It explores different sites and practices of governing, from the remaking of Europe to the increasing focus on 'community' and 'personhood' in governing social life. The authors critically engage with existing theory in a range of disciplines to explore how 'the social' is constituted through governance practices. This includes: the ways in which the spaces and territories of governing are remade and the peoples constituted; how the public domain is re-imagined and new forms of state-citizen relationships fostered; how the remaking of governance shapes our understanding of politics, changing the ways in which citizens engage with political power and the selves they bring to that engagement. Remaking Governance is essential reading for academics and students of political science, social policy, sociology, and public administration and management and for those engaged in policy evaluation and reform.