Reiki: Energy Medicine for Total Wellbeing

In an age where the beneficial effects of energy medicine are more widely recognised, Reiki is regularly used as a complement to traditional medicine and other natural therapies in mainstream health care services. It is a simple, versatile, non-invasive healing modality available for anyone to learn and is the only therapy that can be applied just as effectively on oneself as when treating others. Reiki: Energy Medicine for Total Wellbeing is a comprehensive guide about the history, philosophy, five spiritual principles and practice in the original Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system of hands-on-healing. It has details about the three different levels and how Reiki can be applied directly, practically and clinically in your own and others lives. The A-Z provides enlightening metaphysical insights, from a Reiki perspective, about virtually every part of the human anatomy and the cause and effect of many different health issues. Fifth in line to Dr. Usui, who rediscovered Reiki over a century ago, and with more than twenty years' experience in this field, author Christine Gould clearly explains the association between unresolved issues and the manifestation of related emotional, spiritual and physical disorders. She describes how they may manifest at any time in life as symptoms, health conditions or challenging situations. Anecdotal case studies demonstrate that, with the appropriate combination of resources, the potential to stimulate the intrinsic healing capacity of the body and restore harmony and health is available to us all! This eagerly anticipated book combines an empowering system of healing with the metaphysical causation of illness. It will appeal to complete beginners, Reiki practitioners and Masters, complementary therapists, health care professionals or those curious about their own or others' wellbeing.