Registrum Malmesburiense 2 Volume Set: The Register of Malmesbury Abbey Preserved in the Public Record Office

Multiple copy pack
Malmesbury abbey was a seventh-century foundation, re-established in the late tenth century and supported by royal patronage for several centuries. It was famous for its enormous library, and especially the work of the twelfth-century historian William of Malmesbury. This register of charters was compiled in the late thirteenth century and, although some are later forgeries, it is an important collection of Anglo-Saxon documents. It provides vital information about Wessex from the seventh century on, as well as material about the later difficulties between the monks and the bishop of Salisbury. This two-volume edition of the Latin texts with English side-notes was prepared by John Sherren Brewer (1809-79) and completed by Charles Trice Martin (1842-1914). Volume 1 (1879) contains royal decrees such as Magna Carta, the extensive rent roll of the abbey's properties (mostly local), and charters relating to them. Volume 2 (1880) contains charters relating to the abbey's extensive property holdings.