Registra Quorundam Abbatum Monasterii S. Albani, Qui Saeculo XVmo Floruere 2 Volume Set

Multiple copy pack
Between 1863 and 1876, the Rolls Series published several works from or about the abbey of St Albans, edited by Henry Thomas Riley (1816-78) under the rubric 'Chronica monasterii S. Albani'. This two-volume contribution, covering the later fifteenth century, appeared in 1872-3. Volume 1 focuses on a text from MS. Arundel Coll. Arm. III, recording events from 1451 to 1461, the first ten years of the second abbacy of John Whethamstede. It is important for its references to early battles in the Wars of the Roses. Volume 2 contains material from MS. Rawlinson B. 332 relating to events from 1459 to 1488, beginning with records of church appointments during the final years of Whethamstede's abbacy, and covers the abbacies of William Albon (1465-76) and William of Wallingford (from 1476). Both volumes contain introductions, detailed content summaries, and English side-notes to the Latin text.