Reflektor 01: University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Design Faculty Annual

Attesting to the high standard attained by the Polytechnic, the new Yearbook 2008 presents a cross-section of the top end-of-year performances in the following design-related disciplines: photography, the graphic arts, object and space design as well as camera training. The Yearbook 2008 is structured to elucidate student degree and diploma work in conceptual texts and talks with the students themselves to reveal the objectives and content of the projects. A selection of accompanying texts deals with design, assignments and aims as well as the trend towards interdisciplinary approaches. A chapter entitled 'Looking back' is about intramural activities at the Polytechnic: events, exhibitions and symposiums. Essays by designers and art historians provide more glimpses into the exciting field of design theory and practice.Readers are treated to a vibrant presentation of the design department and its activities at Dortmund Polytechnic in this cross-section of the events organised by teams of students.