Reflective Practice in Action: 80 Reflection Breaks for Busy Teachers

This teacher training and staff development resource offers pre-service and in-service teachers 80 targeted reflective activities that will energize their professional growth no matter how busy the teacher may be. Theory and practice set the context for each reflection break and offer strategies in the following areas: ] spicing up 'routine' teaching ] reflecting during and after class ] undertaking action research ] creating a portfolio ] reflecting individually and//or collaboratively ] setting up reflective groups ] setting and administering guidelines for group reflection ] communicating and reflecting effectively ] devoting the right amount of time to reflection. The reader can browse the complete selection of Reflection Breaks in the Table of Contents, allowing them to find their area of interestncern without having to read through pages of theory. This book can be used as a professional development resource for teachers at all levels and in all settings: for pre-service students in colleges of education; as reflective breaks during in-service meetings; as discussion starters; or as workshop activities.