Red Book Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Based on key content from the American Academy of Pediatric's Red Book(R), the new Red Book Atlas Second Edition provides essential information and recommendations for diagnosing and treating more than 100 pediatric conditions. Look here for all the essentials on everything from actinomycosis to amebiasis to anthrax; hepatitis to herpes to hookworm; tuberculosis to tularemia to typhus. It streamlines disease recognition and clinical decision-making with more than 800 full-colour images adjacent to concise diagnostic and treatment guidelines. Includes 300 new images! 27 new chapters include:AstrovirusBacillus cereusBlastocystis hominisBurkholderiaHuman CalicivirusChlamydophila pneumoniaChlamydophilia psittaciClostridium perfringensCoronavirusCryptococcus neoformans Infections (Cryptococcosis) CryptosporidiosisDengueFusobacterium InfectionsHepatitis DHepatitis EHuman Herpesvirus 8LegionellaHuman Metapneumovirus InfectionsMicrosporidia InfectionsParasitic DiseasesPrion DiseasesQ FeverRickettsial DiseasesOther Tapeworm Infections (including Hydatid Diseases) Other Vibrio InfectionsEssential information on each condition is presented in the precise sequence needed in the clinical setting:Clinical manifestationsEtiologyEpidemiologyIncubation periodDiagnostic testsTreatment