Recent Progresses in Fluid Dynamics Research

This proceedings would be of interest to researchers in Fluid Mechanics. The current volume of ICFM Proceedings includes 179 articles, covering topics in almost every scope of Fluid Dynamics and focuses on novel theoretical, numerical and experimental advances in flow transition and turbulence, aerodynamics and gas dynamics, hydrodynamics, environmental and industrial fluid mechanics, multiphase flows and flows in porous media, plasma and chemical flows as well as bio-fluid mechanics and micro-scale flows. Eight outstanding scientists in fluid mechanics fields are invited to deliver plenary frontiers lectures on internal waves, fluid-structure coupling, separated bubble, high speed boundary layer, streak breakdown, reactive flows, multiphase flow computation and sediment transport. It can be seen that aerospace engineering, environment/energy engineering, coastal/ocean engineering and biomedical engineering and other emerging interdisciplinary studies continue to represent the main trends of development in fluid mechanics in addition to traditional research fields.