Recent Progress On Reaction-diffusion Systems And Viscosity Solutions

This book consists of survey and research articles expanding on the theme of the International Conference on Reaction-Diffusion Systems and Viscosity Solutions , held at Providence University, Taiwan, during January 3-6, 2007. It is a carefully selected collection of articles representing the recent progress of some important areas of nonlinear partial differential equations. The book is aimed for researchers and postgraduate students who want to learn about or follow some of the current research topics in nonlinear partial differential equations. The contributors consist of international experts and some participants of the conference, including Nils Ackermann (Mexico), Chao-Nien Chen (Taiwan), Yihong Du (Australia), Alberto Farina (France), Hitoshi Ishii (Japan), N Ishimura (Japan), Shigeaki Koike (Japan), Chu-Pin Lo (Taiwan), Peter Polacik (USA), Kunimochi Sakamoto (Japan), Richard Tsai (USA), Mingxin Wang (China), Yoshio Yamada (Japan), Eiji Yanagida (Japan), and Xiao-Qiang Zhao (Canada).