Recent Progress In Many-body Theories - Proceedings Of The 13th International Conference

This conference series is now firmly established as one of the premier series of international meetings in the field of many-body physics. The current volume maintains the tradition of covering the entire spectrum of theoretical tools developed to tackle important and current quantum many-body problems. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas and techniques among physicists working in diverse subfields of physics, such as nuclear and sub-nuclear physics, astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, quantum chemistry, complex systems, quantum field theory, strongly correlated electronic systems, magnetism, quantum fluids and condensed matter physics. The highlights of this book include state-of-the-art contributions to the understanding of supersolid helium, BEC-BCS crossover, fermionic BEC, quantum phase transitions, computing, simulations, as well as the latest results on the more traditional topics of liquid helium, droplets, nuclear and electronic systems. This volume demonstrates the vitality and the fundamental importance of many-body theories, techniques, and applications in understanding diverse and novel phenomena at the cutting-edge of physics. It contains most of the invited talks plus a selection of excellent poster presentations.