Recent Advances in Research on Biodegradable Polymers & Sustainable Composites: Volume 3

The words presented in the epigraph are particularly true today. This slogan is sensible for us to do so in science, in particular in the area of New Materials and applications of biomaterials for common uses. We, the editors of this volume, have carried out a selection and seemingly have chosen enough of good reviews and unique works in the branch of biodegradable polymers and sustainable composites. These works were presented during the 1st International Conference on Biodegradable Polymers and Sustainable Composites held in Alicante (October 2007).The use of conventional polymeric packaging materials obtained from non-renewable sources represents an important environmental impact and waste generation after their use. Biopolymers have received an increased interest lately due to more environmentally aware consumers, increased price of crude oil and global warming. These polymers are naturally occurring polymers that are found in all living organisms and they fulfil all the environmental concerns (renewable raw materials and relatively good biodegradability). As a result their use will have a less negative effect on our environment compared to petroleum based materials, but they show some limitations in terms of performance (thermal resistance, barrier and mechanical properties) as well as associated costs. Apparently, these works are at the front edge of science and will be of interest for high readership of scientists and students in the branch of chemistry and physics of polymers and composites.