Recent Advances in Pediatrics - Special: Nutrition, Growth and Development

Series: Recent Advances in (Volume 20)
- This multiauthored venture provides a complete guide and comprehensive information about nutrition, growth and development in the field of contemporary pediatrics with special references to its applicability in Indian subcontinent. - The luminaries of the field of pediatrics drawn from the International and National frame have provided an in-depth knowledge that stimulates and even provokes to know and understand pediatric problems in the right perspective. It would motivate to discuss, interact, innovate and begin new research in this field due to the multidisciplinary approach taken in this volume. - This book provides knowledge about pathological syndromes and instructions regarding nutritional aspects in children that affect growth and development from birth to puberty, explains about micronutrients and their deficiency states, nutritional support in the hospitalized children, critically ill children, learning disabilities and poor scholastic performance as well as picky eating and anorexia in children. - Provides a remarkable blend of excellence and state-of-the-art information in child health. It will be a good reference for pediatric postgraduates, scholars and practitioners who look for a distinctively different information.