Reasoning and Sense-Making Problems and Activities for Grades 5-8

This book is a collection of the best of NCTM's Addenda series, grades 5-8 and includes problems and examples that represent critical content for today's middle school curriculum. The problems focus on the four key practices:Roles of representationGeneralisationProblem solvingConnections in mathematics learning and teachingFirst introduced by NCTM, these four key practises are part of the set of Mathematical Practices described by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The book is organised into four chapters: Number and Operations, Measurement and Geometry, Data and Chance and Algebra. The chapters show each problem with a goal statement, a list of needed materials, possible solutions, teacher's notes and ideas for extensions. Teacher's notes include the problem's mathematical goals, key information for implementing the problem, elaboration on students' possible strategies and sample questions and answers. The editors identify throughout the book where a problem incorporates one of the CCSSM Mathematical Practises.