Reading Hemingway's Men without Women: Glossary and Commentary

In their close line-by-line annotations of and commentaries on Ernest Hemingway's major works, the volumes in the Reading Hemingway Series provide up-to-date, factual information and interpretive guidance for a wide variety of readers. Authors who rank among the best in Hemingway studies take the reader through the text, commenting on details that may not be recognized by general readers, students, or nonspecialist instructors. And with their careful scrutiny and nuanced reading of plot details, the volumes in this series will also be valuable to specialists in the field.This is a close reading of Hemingway's collection of short stories. Because of the fame The Sun Also Rises brought Ernest Hemingway, when Men Without Women was published just one year later, in 1927, it commanded popular and critical attention. Even reviewers who objected to a masculine emphasis and a sometimes harsh realism identified stories in the collection that could not be ignored. Close commentary, with special attention to allusions, demonstrates that Men Without Women merits a place among the best story collections in American literature.Reading Hemingway's Men Without Women guides readers toward understanding how Hemingway tested old ideas of family, gender, race, ethnicity, and manhood. This close study invites scholars, teachers, students, and general readers to take a careful look into Hemingway's prose.