Reading First and Beyond: The Complete Guide for Teachers and Literacy Coaches

'The wealth of this information is like finding a chest of jewels you always knew was under the ocean but now here it is, a wonderful discovery that validates everything I knew was right about teaching to the needs of the individual learner' - Leslie Morris, Reading First Coach Enhance your repertoire of literacy teaching strategies! Reading proficiency is the most fundamental learning skill, critical to students' success. Renowned educators and authors, Cathy Collins Block and Susan Israel, present an indispensable guide that will give teachers and literacy advisers crystal clear understanding of research-based teaching practices, along with the tools to adopt them. The authors further expand the support for enriched classroom practice through evidence and practical how-to for additional domains that show proven benefits for students, including writing, metacognition and oral language. Through their explanations, teaching directions, and sample lessons, this resource bridges the gap between key research and daily reading classroom teaching. Each chapter includes: - Short classroom-relevant research summaries for teachers - What teachers need to know about phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency - Lesson plans addressing each area of literacy - Components to assess learning - Strategies to differentiate for special learners and advanced readers Reading First and Beyond is packed with enriching ideas for all educators that will enhance their list of literacy instructional strategies, while achieving high levels of reading proficiency from all students.