Read and Write it Out Loud!: Guided Oral Literacy Strategies

This book presents fresh, innovative, practical, classroom-tested best practices to help students proactively develop stronger literacy skills through dynamic listening, reciting, reading, and writing. Author Keith Polette provides teachers with the precise tools they need to help their students develop stronger literacy skills. Unlike other texts, this book articulates the benefits and the processes that teachers need to help their students make important gains in reading, reciting, and writing. The mix of theory and practice in this book provides teachers with the why and how of teaching literacy. It emphasizes the important connection of student recitation (or reading aloud) and writing. Polette demonstrates that reciting, reading, and writing are intimately linked and shows that by helping students improve in one area they can improve in the others. Read and Write It Out Loud presents a lively narrative, clear organization, exceptional pedagogy and special features that bring reading aloud to life in your classroom.