Re-Entry and Planetary Entry Physics and Technology: II / Advanced Concepts, Experiments, Guidance-Control and Technology

During the last decade, a rapid growth of knowledge in the field of re-entry and planetary entry has resulted in many significant advances useful to the student, engineer and scientist. The purpose of offering this course is to make available to them these recent significant advances in physics and technology. Accordingly, this course is organized into five parts: Part 1, Entry Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Physics and Radiation; Part 2, Entry Abla- tion and Heat Transfer; Part 3, Entry Experimentation; Part 4, Entry Concepts and Technology; and Part 5, Advanced Entry Programs. It is written in such a way so that it may easily be adopted by other universities as a textbook for a two semesters senior or graduate course on the sub- ject. In addition to the undersigned who served as the course instructor and wrote Chapters, 1, 2, 3 and 4, guest lecturers included: Prof. FRANKLIN K. MOORE who wrote Chapter 5 Entry Radiative Transfer, Prof. SHIH-I PAI who wrote Chapter 6 Entry Radiation-Magnetogasdy- namics, Dr. CARL GAZLEY, J r. who wrote Chapter 7 Entry Deaccelera- [ion and Mass Change of an Ablating Body, Dr. SINCLAIRE M. SCALA who wrote Chapter 8 Entry Heat Transfer and Material Response, Mr.